GW2: Aurora: Awakening – Bloodstone Fen Master

Aurora: Awakening is the first official step of the Legendary Trinket’s collections. After you’ve forged your Gleam of Sentience and purchased your Sentient Seed, you will have unlocked these collections. See my Aurora Introductory Post for more information about this.

This is what the Aurora: Awakening Achievement collection looks like in the achievements tab:


As you can see, there are 7 parts to this collection, 5 of which I’ve already completed. I am going to break the Aurora collection down into sections, starting with the Bloodstone Fen Master Achievement (the 2nd item in the collection after the Sentient Seed) since each item is awarded for completing Area specific tasks.


There are 12 parts to this collection, all of which are pretty straight forward and must be completed in Bloodstone Fen.

1. Bloodstone Crown – This is the award for completing 18 of the “Out of Shadows” Achievements. There are 19 Achievements that count towards this collection, some of these are story specific achievements and others are specific to the Bloodstone Fen open world area.

2. Bloodstone Chip – This is mined from Bloodstone Crystal nodes located throughout the Bloodstone Fen map. This is dropped at random so keep mining if you haven’t got it yet!


3. Hablion’s Dignity – Defeat Ghostly Justiciar Hablion. He spawns at the Colosseum of the Faithful on the upper level of Bloodstone Fen. The item will be awarded from the chest after he has been defeated.


4. White Mantle Crest – Dropped by White Mantle in Bloodstone Fen. I got this item during the “Kill the seekers” event. Again, the drop is random so just keep killing White Mantle until you get the drop.


5. Jade Core – Dropped by Jade Constructs. These spawn as part of the meta event on the ledges. Again this item drop is random so it might take a while.


6. Aged Ectoplasm – Dropped by Ghosts. This achievement took me the longest. I waited for the Hablion event about 6 times, doing the pre events each time and I got nothing. I then went to the “Exorcise the angered spirits stalking the Haunted Canyon” event and got the drop after killing the first ghost I came to. Typical.


7. Living Bloodstone – Dropped by Bloodstone Elementals. I ran around the upper levels on the east side of the map until I got this item killing random elementals as I passed, but there is an event that spawns a Champion Bloodstone Elemental after closing all the rifts. This champ summons loads of lesser elementals so this event would give you the best chance for getting this item.

8. Pristine Blood Ruby – Bought from Natto on the Airship in Bloodstone Fen. This is a rather expensive item, costing 5,000 Unbound Magic and 50 Blood Rubies so this could take a while to farm.


9. Strange Residue – Gathered from Unbound Magic Nodes. These are again dropped at random so it may take a while to get the item. This item is found in the purple Unbound Magic balls in the air that are generally collected while gliding.

10. Aerial Assault – Dropped from enemies killed by the Aerial Skill ability. When gliding in Bloodstone Fen, use the abilities 1-5 to shoot enemies below you from your gliding state. Killing them with this skill will award you with the item, again this is a random drop.

11. Rift Residue – Dropped by enemies near unstable rifts. Defeat enemies that spawn as part of the “Defeat beasts disgorged from the rumbling unstable rift” events and you will eventually get the drop.


12. Shattered Guardian Binding – Defeat the Unbound Guardian. As long as you participated in the event you will be awarded with the drop from the chest at the end. The Unbound Guardian spawns after all the Jade Constructs have been defeated.


I will post the guides for the other sections of Aurora: Awakening soon, so stay tuned!

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