GW2: Legendary Trinket: Aurora – Introduction

I finally decided that I’m going to make the effort to craft this new Legendary Trinket everyone is cursing over in map chat… and now I can kind of see why. Again, I know I’m a bit late starting this, but I’m going to work really hard to get these collections done ASAP!

Before you can start the collections for the Legendary Trinket: Aurora, you will first need to complete 4 separate collections:

  • Conspiracy of Dunces (Complete all 3 Journals in Bloodstone Fen)
  • Token Collector (Find 40 Mursaat Tokens in Ember Bay)
  • Cin Business (Find Cin’s 18 lost items in Lake Doric)
  • Lessons Learned (Find Zinn’s 14 recordings in Draconis Mons)

Completing each collection will award you with an Ascended Sentient.

  • Sentient Anomaly (Conspiracy of Dunces)
  • Sentient Aberration (Token Collector)
  • Sentient Oddity (Cin Business)
  • Sentient Singularity (Lessons Learned)

Once you have completed all 4 collections and acquired each Sentient, combine them all in the Mystic Forge to form a Gleam of Sentience. Double Clicking on the Gleam of Sentience in your inventory opens a vendor where you can buy the Sentient Seed (the item required for the Aurora collections to unlock) for 1,000 Unbound Magic.

These are not the easiest collections to do and can take quite a lot of time, and this is even before you start the Legendary collections! Thankfully they are all areas specific so it’s easy to focus on one at a time. I’d already completed these collections when the maps were released other than Lessons Learned, so I only had one to do to unlock the Legendary collections. I remember Token collector being the worst as some of the tokens are in the jumping puzzle…

The first collection I will post about will be Lessons Learned since I took all my screenshots as I was going. As the Legendary Trinket didn’t exist when I completed the other collections, I don’t have any material to make guides with, so as I’m doing the first part of the Legendary collections I’ll try and get as much as I can for those too!

After you have got you Sentient Seed, another collection “Aurora: Awakening” will unlock. “Aurora: Awakening” is a master collection of 6 sub collections and the Sentient Seed (which you have already unlocked). The other 6 items show in the tab are awarded on completion of the other sub collections.

These sub collections require you to complete certain things in each of the Living World Season 3 areas (I will link my separate posts on the sub collections here):


I have not managed to complete all of these myself yet as I’ve been distracted by Chuka and Champawat and other things, so I will update and post these when I can so stay posted!

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