Smite: 4.16 Patch Notes

Here again! Smite’s 4.16: Summer Knockout Patch Notes have been aired, due in game for PC on 29th August and Console 5th September. This is quite a small patch compared to what we’ve had recently, but I think patch 4.17 will make up for that.

The new Japanese Hunter Hachiman will be feature in 4.17 (those of you watching Twitch may have seen a tiny sneak peak) and the Odyssey 2018 will be here in the next few patches (not sure when but it normally starts at the end of September, so not long now)!

Since Hi-Rez changed their website, it seems to be more difficult to find their Patch Notes on there (it’s under the news tab), so if you haven’t seen the Official Patch Notes yet, follow the link (I always post the link here anyway)!


Project Olympus:

Vivox – TeamSpeak has been added in game for Ranked, custom games and parties. No additional software will be needed for this feature which people have been requesting for a long time. Personally I don’t enjoy games with voice features (the main reason why I never got into DotA) as people will just abuse the feature and harass players, shouting abuse at them. However, I do understand that this is a very important feature as the game is heavily team orientated and therefore having this within parties and in ranked will be a positive tool for players to use. After all, we all know as handy as VGS is, it’s not the easiest thing to use to tell your team what to do. I just hope this doesn’t make it to casual games as I don’t want to hear people shouting down their microphones when it should be casual gameplay… Obviously though, there will be a mute tool somewhere!

Glossary – A glossary has also been added which will feature some gaming terminology for those of you who are new and haven’t picked it all up yet.

Ranked Duel – Players will now get more bans during the drafting phase. This patch will increase the bans from 6 to 8 (4 each player).



Here are the final Summer of Smite skins:


I like that they have focused their attention on giving male Gods some beachwear outfits. I like that Cu Chulainn’s abilities use water effects and his Berserk form’s abilities use sand effects. This is a nice little feature for different stances. Not sure where the Berserk form got the sunglasses from though…


Xbalanque also has a Tiki themed skin like Ah Puch. This skin is pretty simple with some nice fire effects and tiki torches for the ultimate, but I like that about it. I much prefer skins themed like Fire Dancer Xbal which have more of a realistic theme to them as I feel they suit the game style a lot better.


This is the Bearly Buzzed Bacchus skin. They style is very different to what Hi-Rez have done before. It’s quite cartoony, but Bacchus’ animations fit the bear character and although I don’t like the skin enough to purchase all the Summer of Smite skins to unlock it for myself, I think this skin is something new, fresh and it isn’t too OTT. This skin also comes with it’s own personal emote which makes the bear run around being chased by bees. his voice pack also sounds like Disney’s Goofy…


Terra has a new skin coming to this patch too! This Dropkick Terra skin will be in a bundle containing a Punch Bag Ward, Global Emote and a Cutesy Dropkick Avatar for 450 gems. $1 of all purchases made will go to Connor’s Cure charity for paediatric cancer.


Normally I just select the best skins to feature in my Patch Notes, but Hi-Rez have really improved with their quality of skins and I actually really like all the skins this Patch, but I think this Serenity Vamana skin is probably my favourite.

I was really happy when Vamana had his visual update as before he looked rather creepy and really outdated. This is the first skin (other than his recolour and mastery skins) that has been released with the new model, and I love it! The Sci-Fi theme has been tastefully done and the voice pack is really relaxed and true to his pantheon which is great. I hope this is a 400 gem skin for direct purchase and not in a chest.


This is a Tier 2 skin for Ganesha. I really love the armour he’s wearing and the bowl of skulls a nice touch. This is themed on the Hindu lore where the God’s would have an alternate war appearance, and I definitely think this Ganesha looks like he means business!



The audio countdown for Tipping Fantasy Points at the end of matches has been removed.

Many God’s have had description changes to associate some spawns as pets. This includes Arachne’s Broodlings, Kuzenbo’s Nene Kappa, Loki’s Decoy and Sun Wu Kong’s Decoy.

Ganesha now also has a number under his passive meter displaying how many kills he awarded other players throughout the game.



Sunder – Decreased cooldown from 160 – 140 seconds for both standard and upgraded relic.

Heavenly Wings – Decreased Movement Speed from 40% to 30% for both standard and upgraded relic.

Magic Shell – Decreased Health Sheild Scaling per level from 15-12, increased cooldown from 140 – 150 seconds.



Shaman’s Ring – Increased cost from 2200 – 2300 gold, increased Magical Power from 60 – 80 and the passive now only applies from damaging abilities.

Telkines Ring – Decreased cost from 2700 – 2400 gold, and stacks for it’s passive can now be gained from Damage over Time (DoT).

Dynasty Plate Helm – Increased Physical Protections from 25 – 35.




  • Maul Prey – Decreased base damage from 50-170 to 40-160 and decreased power scaling from 35% to 30% per Swipe.
  • Life Tap – Decreased slow per stack from 20% to 10% and decreased self healing from 15-35 to 10-30 per hit.


  • Time Rift – Decreased magical power scaling from 85% to 80%.
  • Accelerate – Decreased the attack damage buff from 45% to 35% when in Section IV of his passive.

Cu Chulainn:

  • Barbed Spear – Increased healing reduction from 40% to 50%.


  • Scarab’s Blessing – This ability had a very tiny time gap to allow players to interrupt the ability. Now Scarab’s Blessing will be cast on the target immediately to prevent interruptions.


  • Permafrost – Altered the movement speed Skadi gains from 40% at all ranks to 20-40% scaling with levels. Power scaling has also been decreased from 60% to 50%.


  • Increased base movement speed from 365 to 370.
  • Wind Siphon – Reduced cooldown from 18 seconds to 16 seconds.




Receive a Cutesy Avatar Chest roll for 3 FWOTDs from 25th – 27th August. A new avatar has also been added of Sun Wu Kong’s tiger form with the new Earl Wubert St. Kongfrey skin. Make sure you get those wins to earn your chest rolls!

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