Smite: Corrupted Arena Adventure

Corrupted Arena is the fourth adventure added to Smite brought to the game in Patch 4.15. This adventure involves an altered version of the arena map where players can defeat other players by knocking them of edges into chasms in the map. This game mode is separate from the normal arena game mode so both are still available to play until patch 4.18 when Corrupted Arena will end.

You can play this adventure game mode without buying the bundle. The 900 gem bundle comes with the Dragon’s Rage Kukulkan skin (limited), Corrupted Ward, Music Pack, Corrupted Avatar, a Golden Key, 2500 shards and double shards are also awarded at the end of each game.


Shards are used as in an in game currency to buy a selection of skins, emotes, announcer packs, favour and fantasy points. There are 24 items to collect which will award the player with an Awesome chest when completed. Since the Awesome chest has been specific to adventure bundles so far, I believe people who have not bought the bundle will not receive the Awesome chest even when all items have been unlocked. However, players who have not bought the bundle can still earn shards and unlock all of the 24 items but at a slower rate. If you already own some of the items, then that item will already count towards the completion and cannot be unlocked again or swapped for anything else. I already owned 10 of these items, so can only unlock 14 altogether using shards.

There are 3 parts to these unlocks, 8 items costing 750 shards each, 8 items costing 1500 shards each and 8 items (including 3 exclusive skins) for 2500 shards each. Please note, spending your shards will grant you one item from the section at random. Although you can pick the section, you cannot choose which item you get. Shard bundles of 2500 shards are also available to purchase for 200 gems per bundle.




For a win you can expect to get about 250 shards and about 150 for a loss, double that if you have the bundle, but it depends on the game length as to how many you will actually get. Shown below is the amount of shards I earned for a win with the bundle as a general expectation as to how many games you will need to get all the rewards.


This is what the map looks like. As you can see there are parts of the floor missing around the back of the buff camps on both sides (to start with). Throughout the game the map evolves, creating more obstacles as the game progresses.


I think Hi-Rez have done a really good job with the amount of detail they have put into making over this map but the effects (particularly sound effects) could do with being a bit more noticeable when more of the floor crumbles away or something drops from the sky as I found I would turn around and something would have just appeared out of nowhere. Maybe some short screen shake or something? Caged Kuku with chains attached to the crumbling pillars looks really great though and I like the dark environment with a really pretty starry sky. Nice work guys!

Changé, Erlang Shen, Jing Wei, Kukulkan, Skadi, and The Morrigan are banned from this game mode, but all the other gods can be chosen. I’ve found the strongest Gods for this adventure are Xing Tian, Hercules, Anhur, Kuzenbo and Sobek due to their hard CC abilities as they are great for throwing people into the chasms. My personal favourite to play at the moment is Serqet as throwing someone into the chasm with her ult is rather satisfying, and even if they do ‘beads’ out of the throw, they take a truckload of damage anyway.

You will still earn worshipers, favour, fantasy points and experience for playing this game mode unlike the past adventures, but any stats (wins, kills, deaths, assists, etc.) will not be saved to your God’s history (like MOTD), nor will the game show up in your game history. Speaking of which, MOTD has been intentionally disabled for the adventure and is scheduled to return in patch 4.17.

The queue times seem rather long considering it’s new, most of the time I can be waiting up to 3 minutes before I find a game – minor problem though. I haven’t found any noticeable bugs or anything yet either which is good.

I think I’ll have a lot of fun playing this adventure since I do enjoy playing arena and this is so much more entertaining, silly and it can end up being such a mess of God’s flying all over the place, being thrown to their deaths.

Let me know you thoughts!

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