Smite: Summer of Smite 2017 & Project Olympus

This year’s Summer of Smite has already begun with the first editions added a few days ago as part of the 4.13 patch.

*Edit: Summer of Smite will end with the release of Patch 4.17 (12th September for PC, 19th September for console). All skins past these dates will not be available for direct purchase, Sand Dollars cannot be spent and the Limited Bearly Buzzed Bacchus skin will be gone forever! 

This event features 9 skins, 7 bonus rewards and some quests which can be completed for free. Buying a skin will grant you 1 Sand Dollar which you can use to unlock one of the bonus items of you choice. Firstly though, you will need to complete the 2 quests assigned to that item in order to unlock it for purchase.

The skins are:

  • Kaijunbo Kuzenbo (4.13)9o78riukjytdgfnb456ydtrcgfh640x250
  • Foxy Lady Daji (4.13)89ltukimyjhgn56edurtcjgfh640x250
  • SPF 666 The Morrigan (4.14)SM-PC-16dba307fabbd2b5f5d9ef19bd0f8f7d
  • Freaky Tiki Ah Puch (4.14)AP-PC-b53de347baaebd245ea7aaa718f2698f
  • Fabulous Chiron (4.15)DG0RCW1VYAAlxAx
  • Sun Kissed Amaterasu (4.15)DG0MonuUQAA_Oli
  • Bae Watch Cu Chulainn (4.16)DH8N-U4UIAAPng8
  • Fire Dancer Xbalanque (4.16)DH8NlmBUIAA9UXQ
  • Bearly Buzzed Bacchus (4.16)DH8Qpd_UMAEzioJ

The Bacchus skin will be a Limited skin (never available again) where all the others will be exclusive. In order to claim this Bacchus Limited skin, you will need to purchase all 8 of the other Summer of Smite skins, then the skin will be unlocked at no extra cost (or maybe with the remaining 8th Sand Dollar). These skins should all cost 400 gems, but there might be a few 600 gem ones too (since there was last year).


The bonus rewards are:

  • Nene Kaiju Avatar
  • Poolside Fun Loading Frame
  • Surfer Bro Announcer Pack
  • Happy Sun Jump Stamp
  • Cheery Rainbow Global Emote
  • Tropical Aquarium Pedestal
  • Summer of Smite Loading Background


Each of these bonus rewards come with 2 quests each, making 14 quests in total. These quests can be completed by everyone for free while the Summer of Smite is active and rewards (Favour, Fantasy Points and Enigma Chests) will be granted to anyone who completes the quests, whether you have purchased skins or not. Only one quest can be activated at once, and the first quest for each item has to be completed before the second becomes available to select. Quests have to be selected before playing games otherwise any progress will not be counted.

Once you have completed both quests for a particular item, it will now be available to buy with a Sand Token. The only way to get Sand Tokens is to buy the skins listed above.

As you can see from my screenshot, there is a requirement box in the bottom right corner. The green text shows the requirements I have completed which is bound to my account. I now only need 1 Sand Dollar (from buying a skin) to unlock the jump stamp as the quests have already been completed. I bought the Da Ji skin as she is one of my favourite Gods right now and chose the Pedestal as my bonus item.


Project Olympus:


Project Olympus was also introduced in patch 4.13. The main features of this were the DirectX 11 update, the addition of the 64 bit processing and the new Texture Pack DLC.

*Edit: The Smite Texture Pack can now be downloaded through Steam! Go to the Smite Texture Pack store page to download it for free! If you’re using Smite through Steam you won’t be able to download the Texture Pack through the Manage DLC tab on the Smite launcher, you can only download it from the Store Page.

Unfortunately this isn’t going so well at the moment. I played using the DirectX 11 feature which did make a small difference to how the game looks, but throughout my games the FPS was dropping rapidly. It’s rare that my FPS drops below 150 normally, but last night I was playing with 30 FPS which made the game so difficult to play. I didn’t actually realise that it was the DirectX 11 that was causing the FPS drop until I noticed a lot of other people were having the same problem and it was recommended that this feature was turned off until it’s been fixed. There was a hotfix to sort out this issue today, but unfortunately my game is still dropping and staying at 90 FPS. I think I’ll be turning this feature off for the time being. If you did want to try DirectX 11 out, check the “Use D3D11 (BETA)” box in the Video Settings tab shown below.


Running the game in 64 bit doesn’t seem to make much of a noticeable difference to me, but maybe because I had DirectX 11 on causing issues. To enable this feature, you need to login to the launcher but don’t click the play button. Click on the cog icon on the bottom left of the screen and type -64bit into the first bar and click Apply.

I’m also really annoyed that I can’t use the Texture Pack yet. I run Smite through Steam – this is an issue because Valve haven’t approved the DLC Texture Pack yet, and normally Valve take their time with these things and it’s not uncommon that things get refused anyway. Hi-Rez should’ve sorted this out before the release as it’s unfair that people who run Smite outside of Steam get to use this DLC, but Steam users can’t. It’s 3 days after release now and there is no news as to when this Texture Pack will be available. I’ll update this post as soon as I hear anything.

To activate the DLC (for those of you that aren’t on Steam), log in to the launcher and before you hit play click on the cog in the top left of the screen and select the Manage DLC option. Check the box that says Smite Texture DLC and click Apply. This should then start the download for the DLC.


The new Triumphant Chest system is also up and running. I love this already! For every game you win, you win a chest. Each week (starting on a Tuesday) you unlock 4 chest slots meaning you can win up to 4 chests. You can also unlock more chest slots by buying them with either 75 gems or 2750 favour. When you have opened 20 of these chests, you will get a Godlike chest which has the chance of dropping the new Head Over Heels Cupid skin.

I’ll probably buy a chest slot every week with 2750 favour, then I’ll get a Godlike chest every 4 weeks. I got the Chocolate Rabbit Avatar, Obsidian Shard Ymir and a few recolour skins for my 5 chests so it’s great to be able to get rewards so fast. I wonder if Hi-Rez will sack this idea in a few months like they did with the weekly gem rewards…

Lastly, multi-queue has also been added. You can check the boxes of as many game modes as you like (apparently not MOTD) and search for all of them at the same time to find a game quicker. I haven’t tried this myself yet as I just prefer to pick the game type I want to play.


The green boxes show which games I have selected to queue for. It’s a nice feature and I’m sure it’ll help with finding games faster.

Let me know your thoughts so far and if you have had any problems or updates on Project Olympus yourselves.

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