GW2: Sprouting the Druid Stone

I know I’m ridiculously late with this… sorry. I’d pretty much finished the collection after I’d completed Awakening the Druid Stone but I was waiting on the daily Runestones (since I’ve not had time to farm them daily) and I wanted to have the complete collection before I posted.

There is one more stage to this achievement called “A Henge Away From Home” which will give you The Wayfarer’s Henge Ascended backpack on completion. However, all three previous stages must be completed in order to be able to unlock this collection.

You need to complete both The Druid Stone and Awakening the Druid Stone collections before you can unlock this stage. So, here’s the collection in the achievements panel:


There are 21 parts to this collection, split into 7 sections.

1. This is the backpack you receive from the Awakening the Druid Stone achievement.

2. Defeat the Stonehead King in Salvage Rise to receive the Element of the Saurian. The Stonehead will spawn on the Druid’s Grotto POI but on the level above the cave in a clearing. The escort event “Help escort the hatchlings away from the scouting party” starting near the renown heart next to the Scout’s Clearing POI needs to be completed to get the Stonehead King to spawn.


3. Combine the Element of the Saurian with a completed Druid Runestone to create a Saurian Runestone. You still need to get 5 runestone fragments from completing the renown hearts daily (where you can buy 4 – one from each heart vendor – for 1050 karma) and buying one from the unbound magic vendor for 1000 unbound magic and 1 Gold) to create a Druid Runestone.

4. Give the Saurian Runestone to Kodama. See below for Kodama’s location if you’re unsure where to find her.

5. Defeat Emperor Mattake in Ancient Hollow to receive the Element of the Empire . Travel to Ancient Hollow waypoint and head East. He will spawn in a lower area just off a cliff where all the mushroom enemies are.


6. Combine the Element of the Empire with a completed Druid Runestone to create an Imperial Runestone.

7. Give the Imperial Runestone to Kodama.

8. Defeat Webby Mother in Ancient Hollow to receive the Element of Webby. Webby Mother can be found just north-west of Ancient Hollow waypoint.


9. Combine the Element of Webby with a completed Druid Runestone to create a Webby Runestone.

10. Give the Webby Runestone to Kodama.

11. Defeat the Bloodstone-charged Lava Wurm to receive the Element of the Wurm. The Wurm can be found in Heathen’s Hold at the Wurm’s Furnace POI and will spawn after the “Keep mercenaries from charging the lava with bloodstone magic” event.


12. Combine the Element of the Wurm with a completed Druid Runestone to create a Wurm Runestone.

13. Give the Wurm Runestone to Kodama.

14. Defeat the Inquest Power Suit in Rata Arcanum to receive the Element of Arcanum. The Power Suit can be found at the Asura Gate POI and will spawn after completing the “Use Inquest keypads to shut down the Inquest’s gate” event.


15. Combine the Element of Arcanum with a completed Druid Runestone to create an Arcanum Runestone.

16. Give the Arcanum Runestone to Kodama.

17. Give 5 Fire Orchids and a Charged Lodestone to Kodama.

18. Give 5 Fire Orchids and a Glacial Lodestone to Liriodendron (see below for all the Druid locations).

19. Give 5 Fire Orchids and an Onyx Lodestone to Broadleaf (see below for all the Druid locations).

20. Give 5 Fire Orchids and a Molten Lodestone to Rosewood (see below for all the Druid locations).

21. Plant a Fire Orchid Seed in the fertile soil patch in Salvage Rise near Kodama. You will need to harvest some Fire Orchids for the chance of a seed drop in order to be able to plant it.

The fertile soil is located in the Druid’s Grotto at the opposite side to Kodama and just south of the Flax patch. You will need to jump up some rocks as the level is just elevated slightly from the rest of the area. Interact with the fertile soil patch just up the hill slightly and covered by a small cave. A Fire Orchid plant will now grow here for you to harvest daily.



Pictures/Diagrams for the Druid’s Locations:

Kodama: Kodama can be found below the Heathen’s Hold Waypoint. Just run directly West of the waypoint, drop down a level to a ledge with a cave opening. If you drop down you should be directly above this platform. She is at the far end of the cave marked with the “Druid’s Grotto” POI.



Liriodendron: Start at Heathen’s Hold Waypoint, again go directly West and drop off the end but this time open your glider as soon as you can and glide directly East. You can land on this level at any time, but keep going East and turn at the last moment to find the Peace Grounds and Liriodendron.



Broadleaf: This is probably the most awkward one to get to as Broadleaf is all the way over the other side of the map. Start at Heathen’s Hold Waypoint and use the Thermal Tube directly North of the Waypoint, this will put you by the Volcano entrance. Turn around and glide into the updraft and then glide South-West without dropping otherwise you won’t make it… just keep gliding and leaning when you can. See the photos for more detail.



It was difficult to see the dots on this one so I added some arrows to show where you need to go.

Rosewood: Travel to Ancient Hollow Waypoint, slightly to the North you will find a Bouncy Mushroom sending you up a large branch to another Bouncy Mushroom. This will take you to a mossy platform with a large rock next to it. Rosewood is at the end of the rock.



Use these mushrooms to get to the platform I’m stood on. Rosewood is just off screen to my right in the 2nd picture.

When you have completed all 21 parts to the collection, you will be awarded with 3AP and the next tier backpack which looks like this:


There is now only one more collection, “A Henge Away From Home”, left to complete to get your ascended “The Wayfarer’s Henge” backpack. I’ll make a post on that too even though everyone has probably already completed it by now… but the post might be before I’ve completed the collection fully this time.

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