GW2: The Druid Stone – Draconis Mons

Draconis Mons is the new area brought to Guild Wars 2 with the 5th Episode of Living World Season 3: Flashpoint. I didn’t get chance to play this as soon as it came out, so over the past few days I’ve spent a fair amount of time completing the area and working towards the achievements – particularly The Druid Stone achievements.

This is where the new area is located within Tyria on the map and what it looks like:


It includes 4 replayable Renown Hearts (daily reset), 3 Waypoints, 22 Points of Interest and 5 Vistas. It is set on multiple levels similar to Bloodstone Fen so it can be difficult to navigate at first, especially as there’s only 3 waypoints, but it seems smaller than it looks and it’s fairly easy to glide to the places you need to get to.


Now you’ve seen the area I will move onto one of the achievements called “The Druid Stone”. This is a tiered achievement so I will tell you about the first step in this post. This will unlock a backpack which as the tiers progress will unlock on ascended backpack.

If you have completed the first stage, click here for the Awakening The Druid Stone guide:

Firstly you need to complete the story… I won’t talk about that because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, but I found it somewhat disappointing and slightly random considering I’ve waited over 12 weeks to play it.

So this is The Druid Stone achievement log in the achievement panel:

20170514211714_1 - Copy

You will need to do 7 things for this achievement, the first being completing the story… so that’s 6 more to go!

  1. Complete the story instance “Heart of the Volcano” (the last part).
  2. Create a Druid Runestone: Combine 5 Runestone fragments to create a complete Druid Runestone. 4 of these fragments are bought from the Heart vendors after you have completed each one and cost 1050 Karma. The other is bought from the Unbound Magic Vendor for 1000 Unbound Magic and 1 Gold.
  3. Give the Completed Druid Runestone to Kodama: Kodama can be found the level below Heathen’s Hold Waypoint. She is at the far end of the cave marked with the “Druid’s Grotto” POI (see pictures below).
  4. Bring a Fire Orchid to Kodama: Harvest a Fire Orchid and keep it in your inventory to give to Kodama. You cannot give a Fire Orchid that has been deposited. Interact with her to give her the Orchid.
  5. Bring a Fire Orchid to Liriodendron: Liriodendron can be found at the “Peace Grounds” POI on the very East side of the map (see pictures below).
  6. Bring a Fire Orchid to Broadleaf: South West of the map, high on a ledge – you will need to see the pictures below for this one as it’s hard to explain and no so easy to get to.
  7. Bring a Fire Orchid to Rosewood: Near the Ancient Hollow Waypoint (see pictures below).

Pictures/Diagrams for the Druid’s Locations:

Kodama: Kodama can be found below the Heathen’s Hold Waypoint. Just run directly West of the waypoint, drop down a level to a ledge with a cave opening. If you drop down you should be directly above this platform. She is at the far end of the cave marked with the “Druid’s Grotto” POI.



Liriodendron: Start at Heathen’s Hold Waypoint, again go directly West and drop off the end but this time open your glider as soon as you can and glide directly East. You can land on this level at any time, but keep going East and turn at the last moment to find the Peace Grounds and Liriodendron.



Broadleaf: This is probably the most awkward one to get to as Broadleaf is all the way over the other side of the map. Start at Heathen’s Hold Waypoint and use the Thermal Tube directly North of the Waypoint, this will put you by the Volcano entrance. Turn around and glide into the updraft and then glide South-West without dropping otherwise you won’t make it… just keep gliding and leaning when you can. See the photos for more detail.



It was difficult to see the dots on this one so I added some arrows to show where you need to go.

Rosewood: Travel to Ancient Hollow Waypoint, slightly to the North you will find a Bouncy Mushroom sending you up a large branch to another Bouncy Mushroom. This will take you to a mossy platform with a large rock next to it. Rosewood is at the end of the rock.



Use these mushrooms to get to the platform I’m stood on. Rosewood is just off screen to my right in the 2nd picture.

After interacting with all the Druids and giving them the Orchids, The Druid Stone achievement will now be complete. You will be rewarded with the unlock for the next tier “Awakening The Druid Stone” (which I will talk about next time) and the backpack which looks like this:


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