Smite: Angelic Awilix – WINNER of the Community Skin Competition

This year’s community skin vote has now come to a close with the winning skin being Midnight Dove Awilix by Oreo! The original design can be seen in the featured picture and the Hi-Rex concept is shown below.

Midnight Dove Awilix

Congrats to Oreo for getting their skin concept in the game! Hi-Rez have announced that this skin will be coming into Smite with patch 4.14 (but knowing Hi-Rez it’s likely it will be delayed a few patches).

For those of you that are new to Smite, Fallen Lord Chronos was last year’s winner which is 400 gems in game available for direct purchase, so I’m hoping this will be similar… although I can see it being 600 gems.


Hopefully Hi-Rez will review more community skins on a more regular basis as I have seen so many skins (mainly on Reddit) that really should be created in game. Some of the new skins are just becoming too cheesy in my opinion so looking at some that the community have made would be such a great idea.

Plus it would also be nice to have some more skins for direct purchase as the majority are now being put in chests… and releasing a new 55 item chest every few patches is just irritating… I WANT SKINS! And I’m still waiting for Nox’s updated mastery skins…

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