Smite: Top 3 Angelic Awilix Community Skin Vote

*Edit: This competition has now closed and the winner has been announced. Check out my post about the winning skin concept here:

It’s that time again everyone. It’s time for the next stage of the Awilix community skin vote. Here is the link you need to place your vote which will be active until May 11th:

Here are the top 3 skins as voted by you, the community (these pictures are the Hi-Rez concepts so this is the closest to what they will look like in game):

1. Midnight Dove (by Oreo)

Midnight Dove Awilix

2. Immaculate Moonlight (by DaGipsyKing)

Immaculate Moonlight Awilix

3. Angelic (by Julia Brand)

Awilix Angelic

If you’ve seen my previous post you will know how much I love the Midnight Dove skin since I first saw it. I think all 3 concepts have come together nicely and I like the Angelic (skin 3) a lot more after seeing the Hi-Rez concept than I did before.

I can see Midnight Dove working as a 600 gem skin and Angelic as a 400 gem skin, but I can’t place the Immaculate Moonlight skin… I think out of all 3 it looks the least like Awilix.

Congrats to the 3 artists who got this far and good luck in the next stage. Make sure your vote for you favourite to increase the chance of seeing it in game. The winner of the competition will be announced May 12th!

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