Smite: 4.8 Patch Notes

I’ve been super busy this week and haven’t even had time to watch the patch notes show on Twitch… but I have read through the official patch notes which you can read here if you haven’t seen them yet:

So we’re now on 4.8 – Happy Trees… Season 4 has gone fast. It doesn’t seem 2 minutes since the summer split was announced, and that was over 2 weeks ago! I’ll try and keep this short since I’m not as clued up on this patch as the others.


Starting with skins… I love the Cosmic Sol skin, but I much prefer her original voice pack. Honestly I’m not keen on the other skins. I just find the Queen’s Guard Erlang skin way too cheesy (maybe because I’m English) and I don’t understand why Thoth has yet another skin since he had one in 4.5. However since I’m an Obey fan, I do like the Thanatos skin, even though I’m not a Thanatos player. I’ll get onto the Sylvanus one later…


I’m so so so pleased that Jing Wei has had another buff! I think she’s strong after her previous buff, so with this extra power and movement speed after her dash (agility), this will just make her so much stronger. The power scales from 10 – 30 with 20% movement speed, or when used in the air 20 – 40 power scaling and 30% movement speed. This will just be so much more rewarding for playing a little bit riskier.

Serqet is another god I like to play at the moment so I was sad to see she will be nerfed. She will now only have 10% more damage on people inflicted with 2 poisons instead of 15% and he ultimate won’t do as much damage early game.


Now onto the Bob Ross event… I’m sorry everyone but I just don’t get why this is appealing. This is a bundle that will cost 700 gems and will contain the Bob Ross Sylvanus skin, a loading frame which paints your card art as you load, a jump stamp (which shows Bob Ross’ face) and a loading screen skin.

Lastly, it’s almost time for the next stage of the Awilix Community Skin vote which will start on May 9th. I’ll be sure to post as soon as that is announced, so stay tuned for more info!

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