RWBY Grimm Eclipse Review

RWBY was originally an animated web series created by Monty Oum for Rooster Teeth. Last year RWBY was released as a game where players follow the events of team RWBY. The game has also recently received a few expansion packs which include the team JNPR character pack and some costume packs.

I bought this game on Steam in December when it was 25% off. At this time RWBY season 4 was being aired so I was really excited about getting this game (as I’m a huge fan of the series) despite hearing people say it was too pricey for the content. This game was recently 50% off during an anime weekend sale on Steam so I purchased it for a friend. In doing so I now feel I can give a good overall review of the content.

This game can be played solo, online in a private party of up to 4 or with other people looking to play. It is definitely more difficult to play this game solo and I found it to be more enjoyable when playing with friends. I haven’t tried the online multiplayer option as this isn’t really my thing so I can’t vouch for that at this stage.


These are the characters you can choose from: Team RWBY (Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Yang) are the starting characters. Team JNPR (Jaune, Nora, Pyrrha and Ren) are the expansion characters that are bought separately to the game.


There are 2 modes to choose from: Campaign or Horde mode. The Campaign mode is the standard story mode which can be played solo or with multiple people. Unfortunately the story is the same for all characters so once you’ve played through once it will always be the same (the enemies may change slightly). I feel like it would’ve been nice if a new Campaign story or a slightly different version at least was added for the JNPR characters.


Horde mode is a standard tower defence mode where you protect “Stations” from enemies with the ability to build turrets with Lien (currency you gain from killing enemies) in certain places. In the screen shot below you can see what the Stations look like along with the turrets I have built and the blue turret representing a place I can build a turret. Different turrets are available for different situations such a machine guns, ice turrets, grenade launchers etc. Your total collected Lien currency is displayed next to the green circle in the bottom right (here I have 5720 L).


The maximum level you can get a character is 10. When you level up you gain ability points which you spend per character on upgrades for their abilities: ultimate, team finisher and ranged attack as well as a few others like aura depletion and ultimate charges. These can be reset in the menu screen before you start the next level which allows you to put points in different abilities for different levels. Obviously all characters have different attacks and weapons which makes some better at certain things than others. This also means that having different team compositions in multiplayer can change the gameplay quite a lot.


Team attacks are displayed by the crossed swords you can see in the screenshot below. These are orange if the attack was set up by another team member and grey if you set the attack up for another member to finish. If you kill these enemies with the Right Bumper (controller), you will perform a team finisher which maximizes damage and does area damage on contact. The screenshot also shows what Ruby’s team finisher looks like. Note: When playing solo you can both set up and finish a kill as no one else is present to team up with.


Overall, I really enjoyed this game and I would definitely recommend it. I can see why people think it’s overpriced at £14.99 and £3.99 for JNPR, but it’s worth it if you can pick it up during a sale, especially for fans of the series.

The story mode took me about 4 hours to complete from start to finish with a friend which is a bit short for my liking, but I’ll definitely replay the game with other characters and team compositions so I feel like it has decent replay value. Whether you have seen the series or not, I think this game would be good for anyone who likes to sit back and get straight into the action. This game can be challenging and has varying difficulty levels as well as also featuring a ranking system with challenges for players to complete to reach certain ranks.

The thing I love most about this game has to be the soundtrack. They actually used the OST (by Jeff Williams) from the web series in the game. I love the soundtrack from this series anyway and I’m always listening to it so to have this in the game just made it for me. The art style, animations and sound effects are great too and is very similar to the series which in some ways makes you feel like you are part of it. Steam Achievements are also featured with this game which is another feature I like as it gives me something to work for.

Some things that could improve the game would be either to allow more roaming freedom in the levels or make it clear when an area is blocked off instead of just putting and invisible wall there. I hate that in any game. More voice lines and taunts would have been awesome too since characters only have one taunt. I would’ve liked to have seen a few more for each character just to give it that extra touch. It would’ve also been nice if there were some short cinematics so that the game related more to the series and gave a bit more in depth story to the game.

Obviously I would’ve liked the story to be longer, or for it to change slightly per character (or at least for each team), so I strongly feel like this game needs more levels or Horde maps or just something to give it that extra replay value. I can see it getting boring rather quickly for some people, and especially when they’ve completed the story once I can see some people maybe not even revisiting the content. MORE CONTENT PLEEEEASE!


P.S. I love Nora’s ranged attack upgrade… it got me a 500 combo count!

(Note: These are all my own screenshots)

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